10 Best Weighing Machines in India


Measuring body weight regularly is must to keep one’s lifestyle on a healthy track because weight is the only thing that pictures fitness status truly. Whether we are overweight or underweight, keeping an eye on gradual changes in weight helps to determine we are improving or failing massively.

Today’s smart weighing machines helps a lot to fulfill this objective as they keep the record of our body weight, so we don’t have to remember what weight we had exactly one month ago. Not only this, the best weighing machines in India can do a lot more than that.

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One should choose the weighing machine that is accurate, durable, reliable, and inclusive of all the latest feature to make it future safe too. Many big brands are jumping into this business and making it.

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List of Best Weighing Machines in India

We have complied a list of 10 Best Weighing Machines in India that are shortlisted after several hours of research, analysis and testing. Let’s read about them.

1. Hoffen HO-18 Digital Weighing Scale

2. Healthgenie Weighing Machine with USB Charging

3. HESLEY Weighing Machine with BMI

4. HealthSense S1 Smart Bluetooth Weighing Machine

5. RYLAN Digital Weighing Machine

6. Healthgenie HD-221 Digital Weighing Machine

7. Omron Digital Weighing Machine with Bluetooth

8. ActiveX (Australia) Bluetooth Digital Body Weight Scale with BMI

9. Dr Trust (USA) Rechargeable Weighing Machine with Bluetooth and Body Composition Monitor

10. RENPHO FDA Approved Smart Digital Bluetooth Weight Machine with App Connectivity

Best Weighing Machine Buying Guide

How to choose the Best Weighing Machine in India?

An ideal weighing machine helps you measure your weight regularly. If the results are not accurate, then it can interrupt your weight loss or health routine. For purchasing the best weighing machine for home, you have to consider certain aspects.

In this buying guide for weighing scales, we have provided all the information and tips required to choose the right one as per your requirements.

  1. Weighing Machine Types

Based on their mechanism and display system, weighing scales are categorized into three types – analog, digital and Bluetooth enabled.

  • Analog

Also known as mechanical scales, this type of weighing machine operates on spring mechanism. When you step on the scale, the interior spring depresses and indicates the weight on the dial. Analog weighing scales don’t require batteries for working.

They have a large foot platform and large dials to read easily. However, analog weighing scales provide inaccurate reading overtime. And moreover, analog scales can’t be used to measure other health factors such as BMI, body fat, lean mass, bone mass, water weight, etc. which is possible using digital scales.

  • Digital Scales

When it comes to accuracy, digital scales are more accurate. They require batteries to operate and have large screen for showing body weight readings. They provide reading in number format, rather than in analog form.

Several types of digital weighing scales are present in the market. Some of them only provide weight readings. While some of the high-end ones also provide additional information that include body composition, body fat, bone mass, body water, BMI and others. Some of them can store weight data of more than one person.

  • Bluetooth Enabled Digital Weighing Scale

This one is a modern version of digital weighing scales. They can be connected to your smart phone using Bluetooth technology. It helps you monitor, track and store data on your smart mobile. Some of the latest digital scales are equipped with auto-feature – which switches on the weighing scale when you place the feet and vice versa.

  1. Weight Capacity

Most of the weighing scales in India have standard weight capacity of 120 to 150 kg. However, some high-end scales have the capacity of showing accurate results up to 250 Kg. You can choose the machine based on your weight capacity requirement. If you want a weighing scale that shows more than 250 Kg, then choose a heavy-duty unit.

  1. Accuracy

Showing accurate results is the important feature of a weighing machine. Digital scales provide accurate results as long as they have working batteries. Mechanical or analog scales provide inaccurate results over time as the springs tend to wear out quickly.

If you want to check the accuracy of a weighing scale, then first weigh anything with known weight like a bag of 10Kg flour. Once you remove them, the weighing scale should go back to zero.

Usually, weighing machines with smaller increments provide better accuracy. An ideal scale provides increments of at least 0.1 Kgs.

  1. Durability

While purchasing the best weighing machine in India, make sure to check the build quality to ensure it will last longer time. To say in simple words, it is better to avoid plastic scales as they are prone to breakage. We recommend to prefer glass (tempered glass), metal or wooden weighing machines. Because these materials are durable, shatter proof and crack resistant which help in providing accurate readings. Glass weighing scales are moisture resistant as well, which make them perfect for using in humid areas like bathroom.

  1. Display Size

Most of the weighing machines need the user to stand straight while checking weight. So, you should check out for scale that provides clear reading display without making the user bend or crouch.

Size is also another important factor to consider and it is even crucial if you are going for digital ones. Different digital scales come with different display sizes. You can choose any one based on your requirements.

We recommend to opt for only large screens with big display numbers, as they help to check the reading even in dim lighting conditions like early mornings or less ventilated room. Some weighing scales come with electronic voice as well.

  1. Sufficient Platform

A wide platform ensures proper space for the user to stand with both feet. It is more important for people with larger feet and mobility issues. An ideal platform size of weighing machine is 12 inches or more. However, also remember that large scales will take more storage space. This can be an issue if you are placing the scale in small bathrooms.

  1. Units

Indian users mostly prefer weight readings in kilograms. But some people, especially NRIs may prefer weight display in pounds. Some weighing machines in India provides weight measurements in different units. Some of them even provide the measurements in stones. So, choose according to your preference.

  1. Skid-Proof

This is one of the most important feature to look out for while buying a personal weighing machine. Weighing machines with skid-proof features are more safe. If this feature is not present, then there is a potential risk of falling down, especially if you use it in your bathroom. If you have old people at your home who are going to use the weighing machine, then always prefer skid-proof weighing machine.

  1. Shape

Most of the personal weighing machines come in two different shapes – rectangle and round. Shape of the machine doesn’t have any impact over the readings or accuracy. It is a matter of personal preference – so choose according to your interest.

  1. Functioning

Though it is a very small factor, but still very important one. Some bathroom weighing scale require manual turn on/off, some of them need a tap or click and others automatically turn on when the user steps on. This may not be an issue for most of the people but some prefer to have convenient weighing machine to use regularly. Most of the modern weighing scales have automatic turn on and off option to save battery life.

  1. Low Battery Indication

This feature ensures you are notified when the battery is going to run. This lets you to replace the batteries within time and prevents any interruption to functioning of weighing machine.

  1. Backlit Display

If you are using personal weighing scale in bathroom, then you may feel difficulty to read the readings because of dim lighting. So, whenever you are purchasing bathroom machines, we recommend to check for backlit display. It helps to read the measurements clearly even in dim and dark lighting conditions.

  1. Multi-User Memory Capacity

Some modern weighing scales have internal or cloud based memory – which enables you to track the weight and other data for single or multiple users. If the weighing machine is used by all your family members, then having feature lets you track the data individually.

  1. Batteries

Another important factor to consider while purchasing a weighing scale includes – battery life. Some bathroom scales have button cell lithium batteries. Though these batteries have long life, they are difficult to replace once they run out. Some scales use AA or AAA batteries. Though these batteries have shorter life span, they are easy and cheap to replace.

  1. Extra Measurements

Basic weighing machines can check only weight. But some high-end weighing scales can measure more than just weight. Some of them are mentioned below…

  • Body Fat Analysis – Using bioelectrical impedance analysis, a weighing scale can measure body fat percentage of the user. This feature is beneficial for people who are trying weight loss and increasing their muscle mass.
  • Lean Muscle Mass – Calculation of lean muscle mass helps people who want to improve body shape by doing strength workouts.
  • Weight Tracking – Some personal weighing machines are capable of tracking weight over certain period of time like daily, weekly and monthly data status. This helps the user keep track of the changes.
  1. Portability

Portable and handy weighing scales are always a better option. Smaller weighing scales are more travel friendly, stress-free to carry and easy to transport from one place to another.

  1. Cost

Cost of a weighing machine usually depends on size and functionality. Expensive weighing machines usually have high quality built construction, durability and last much longer. Cheap weighing scales mostly have less life span. Make sure you don’t purchase a low-quality one at higher price. Read the reviews, features and specifications carefully before purchasing the best weighing machine in India.


Which one is more accurate – Analog or Digital Weighing Machine?

Digital scales are considered to be more accurate than Analog, as they self-start at zero. When compared to prices, digital scales are much cheaper than analog. So, it is recommended to purchase a digital one.

How to use a Weighing Scale?

Your weighing machine can be your best friend or worst enemy, depending on how you use it. Because accuracy is the main criteria. There are several variables that can affect the accuracy of the weighing machine. So, below we have mentioned how to appropriately use a weighing scale for accurate results…

Always place on a hard surface like a tile floor. Never place a weighing scale on carpet surface as you can get an inaccurate reading. The interference of carpet fibers can be lead to accurate readings. Make sure the weighing scale is on a level surface. Uneven surfaces can lead to inaccurate results.

Due to regular wear and tear, the scale will lead to inaccurate readings. To combat this, keep the device usage limited to yourself. This way, you can increase the longevity of the device. For appropriate results, use the scale in the morning, before drinking or eating.

How do you know if my weighing machine is accurate or not?

Actually, most of the weighing machines are accurate as they are capable of measuring even a tenth of a gram. If you want to check the accuracy of your weighing scale, use the pennies as they weigh 2.5 grams each. Turn the weighing machine on, make sure the initial weight displaying is zero and place a penny on the scale.

Mark the weight and add 2 more pennies, noting the weight in between each. The weights have to be doubled by each penny placement. For example, 2.5g, 5g, and 7g. If the weight is off, the accuracy of that machine is likely inaccurate.

Is it OK to weigh yourself daily?

It is recommended for people to weight just once in a week (mostly at the same time every week). Weighing yourself every day can have a negative impact on you.

I weigh more at night. Is there any problem with my weighing machine?

Usually, our body weight fluctuates 2 – 4 lbs. Actually, you will weigh less in the morning and a little more in the evening. This is caused due to the food you consume during the day.


Although, all the above-mentioned weighing machine works well in monitoring your weight but when it comes to our choice, we really love Eufy Smart Scale by Anker as the best weighing machine in India, why because, it uses advanced technology to track 16 essential body compositions, compatible with Bluetooth and stores up to 8 user’s data. It is lightweight, durable and has weight capacity of up to 180 kg. Also, it has baby mode for measuring baby’s weight and comes with 6 months warranty.

In case, if you’re looking for a rechargeable battery of the weighing scale instead of changing them, then simply opt for Dr Trust Electronic Rechargeable Weighing Machineas it comes with rechargeable 500 mah battery, which can charge with micro USB port easily through tablet, laptop or other compatible source.

Which weighing scale did you choose from the above list? Still, having any queries or doubts, then write to us in the comment section below. For more such information, stay tuned with our website.

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